The best desiccant dehumidifiers rated by customers (2024)

Ionmax has a wide range of desiccant dehumidifiers, but which unit is best for you? We’ve compiled some of the most highly-rated desiccant dehumidifiers to help you decide which unit best suits your needs.

The best desiccant dehumidifiers

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Excess moisture in the air can cause a host of problems for homeowners, as mould growth, rotting wooden furniture and the cultivation of insects are among some problems brought about by moisture issues. Reducing or regulating humidity levels through the use of a dehumidifier is among the most efficient ways to curb moisture issues and improve indoor air quality.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are a popular choice of dehumidifiers in Australia due to the many advantages they carry, such as their ability to function effectively throughout the year and being more compact and lightweight compared to compressor models.

With all the different desiccant dehumidifier models on the market, you’d be hard pressed to choose the right one to suit your space, so we’ve compiled a list of highly-rated desiccant dehumidifiers from the Ionmax catalogue to help you pick the right model for your space.




ION610 desiccant dehumidifier

Ionmax Vienne


ION632 desiccant dehumidifier

7L a day moisture removal

Covers up to 30 sqm (laundry rooms, kitchens, attics)

1.8L water reservoir 

6L a day moisture removal

Covers up to 25 sqm (small bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms)

1.8L water reservoir 

10L a day moisture removal

Covers up to 42 sqm (garages, large kitchens, large bedrooms)

3.5L water reservoir 


10L a day moisture removal

Covers up to 50 sqm (large garages, large living rooms, open spaces)

3.5L water reservoir 

Rating 4.4/5 from 24 reviews 4.6/5 from 33 reviews 4.9/5 from 71 reviews 4.6/5 from 68 reviews
Price $459 $379 $549 $499


Ionmax ION612 desiccant dehumidifier for living rooms

The ION612 is a lightweight, compact dehumidifier that removes up to 7 litres of moisture a day with a two-litre water tank and is equipped with antibacterial nano silver technology to prevent large impurities such as dust and hair from entering the unit. This desiccant unit also has a built-in negative ion generator that will help freshen up the air and remove dust particles.

Ideal for: spaces up to 30 square meters. Comes with a convenient carry handle to move from room to room hassle-free. The best dehumidifier for medium sized spaces

Rating: 4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 77 reviews


Ionmax ION610 desiccant dehumidifier

The ION610 desiccant dehumidifier is an excellent portable desiccant unit that removes up to six litres of moisture a day with a 1.8-litre water tank. Its anti-allergen air filter stops allergens from entering the unit to protect the zeolite desiccant rotor within the unit. At just 5.1kgs, the unit is small, efficient and works quietly.

Ideal for: Spaces of 15 to 25 square meters. The best dehumidifier for closets, bathrooms and other small spaces.

Rating: 4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 78 reviews

Ionmax Vienne

Ionmax Vienne desiccant dehumidifier

The Ionmax Vienne extracts a whopping 10 litres of moisture from the air and collects it in the large 4.2-litre water tank. The unit comes in a stunning matte black finish and also has a built-in negative ion generator to freshen up the air and a nano silver antibacterial air filter to keep away large impurities from the unit.

Ionmax’s most highly rated dehumidifier.

Ideal for: Small and large spaces up to 42 square metres. The best desiccant dehumidifier for livings rooms, attics and basements.

Rating: 4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 76 reviews


Ionmax ION632 desiccant dehumidifier

Just like the Vienne, the ION632 also swallows up to 10 litres of excess moisture from the air a day with a 3.5 litre water tank. Like other dehumidifiers on the list, its powerful desiccant system generates a soothing warmth that also helps cut down heating bills by returning energy to your home, allowing you to enjoy better indoor air quality while also doubling a heater.

Ideal for: All rooms and spaces up to 50 square metres.

Rating: 4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 122 reviews

Why choose Ionmax dehumidifiers?

Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers utilise zeolite desiccant technology within the units, which removes the need for replacement, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free optimal indoor air quality in your home. All our dehumidifiers give users full control over humidity levels, allowing them to choose their preferred humidity level.

Ionmax has a vast selection of compressor and desiccant dehumidifiers that are effective at removing mould and solving moisture issues across homes, offices, basements, boats and other spaces of all sizes. Browse our catalogue and contact Ionmax to get expert advice on which unit best suits your needs.

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Enjoy an extended 2+2 year warranty on all residential air treatment appliances, including desiccant dehumidifiers, when you buy with Ionmax today!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general reference only. Please seek advice from professionals according to your needs.

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