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Employ high performance commercial dehumidifiers to treat excess moisture issues in large spaces including warehouses, basements, and even boats with Ionmax industrial dehumidifiers suited for the Australian climate.

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Industrial dehumidifier FAQ

What is the purpose of an industrial dehumidifier?

The purpose of an industrial dehumidifier is to remove excess humidity from ambient air in large-scale environments such as warehouses, factories, production facilities, and commercial buildings.

This helps prevent mould, mildew, pests and other moisture related issues while also helping to preserve the lifespan on machinery and furniture.

How do these dehumidifiers work?

Industrial dehumidifiers from Ionmax utilise a desiccant rotor that absorbs moisture from air drawn in from the ambience.

A fan draws air into the unit, passing it through the rotor where hygroscopic membranes absorb moisture, creating a dry airstream. Most of this dry air is discharged. A portion of the air is heated and circulated back through the rotor to drive out absorbed moisture. This process repeats as the wheel rotates, efficiently removing moisture from the air and releasing processed, dehumidified air back into the room.

What industries usually use industrial dehumidifiers?

Industries that usually use these dehumidifiers include

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Museums and archives
  • Agriculture/hydroponics

Industrial dehumidifiers are employed across various other sectors where moisture control is essential for operational efficiency, product quality and environmental stability

What are benefits of dehumidifiers?

Industrial dehumidifiers offer versatile solutions for moisture control and environmental managemnet in various industrial settings.

Some common benefits of dehumidifiers in large spaces and industrial settings include the following:

  • Prevent corrosion
  • Maintain product quality
  • Prevent spoilage, maintain regulatory standards for foods
  • Production and storage of medications and sensitive pharmaceutical products
  • Prevent mould growth
  • Create optimal growing conditions for plants and crops

How are commercial dehumidifiers different from domestic units?

The main difference between commercial and domestic dehumidifiers are the extraction rate and operational capacity as industrial units are able to extract more and operate longer.

Other differences include:

  • Size and constrction: Industrial units are normally larger in size and made of more durable material like the Ionmax+ EcorPro series
  • Environmental conditions: Industrial dehumidifiers are designed to operate effectively across a wide range of environmental conditions, including extremely low temperatures up to -20°C.
  • Applications: Industrial dehumidifiers are typically sed in large-scale industrial and commercial applications whereas domestic units are usually only used at home, in domestic settings or in smaller spaces.