Collection: Humidifiers

Ease skin and respiratory irritations caused by dry air with Ionmax humidifiers. Keep your home healthy and comfortable by adding moisture back into the air, especially during cold and dry months.
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How does a humidifier work?

Ionmax humidifiers use ultrasonic UV technology that creates high oscillations and vibrations within the unit's water tank to transform water into fine vapourised mist.

What are the benefits of a home humidifier?

Using a humidifier improves indoor air quality by adding moisture into the air which can alleviate dryness, making it easier to breathe while also reducing discomfort caused by overly dry air.

By adding more moisture into the air, users are able to experience healthier skin, better respiratory health, and enhanced sleep among other benefits.

What is the ideal humidity level I should maintain?

Ideal humidity levels for comfortable living environments are between 30 to 60%. High humidity levels become breeding grounds for moulddust mites and other allergens, whereas low humidity levels will cause dryness in one’s eyes, nose and throat, and also cause paint on walls and ceilings to peel.

Extremely low humidity levels also make it easier to catch airborne viruses such as the common cold.

Can I run a humidifier all day?

It is possible to run a humidifier all day. However, keep in mind that the humidifier will need to have its water tank refilled when it empties and that the unit will also need to be cleaned to ensure optimal performance.