The best dehumidifiers for drying clothes (Updated for 2024)

With dehumidifiers being efficient tools to help remove excess moisture from the air, they are also used to help dry your laundry faster. They are handy for households that prefer indoor drying.

The best dehumidifiers for drying clothes (Updated for 2024)

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Dehumidifiers in Australia usually utilise desiccant or compressor technology to extract moisture from the air and release processed air that is less humid into the air. The extracted moisture is collected in a water tank or discarded immediately if the unit uses a hose connecting to a larger container or drain.

With that being said, when laundry is being dried indoors, there will undoubtedly be an increase in humidity levels as moisture from damp clothes evaporates.

If ventilation in the laundry room is poor, this moisture will be retained and can adversely affect humidity levels, creating environments that would be conducive to the growth of mould, dust mites and other allergens.

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Here, we discuss why you need to have a dehumidifier if you do your laundry indoors and our top picks on the best dehumidifier for drying clothes indoors so you can make better informed decisions to improve indoor air quality for you and your loved ones.

Why use a dehumidifier to dry clothes?

Having a dehumidifier to dry clothes will help ensure humidity levels are optimal during the drying process, speed up laundry time, mitigate musty odours, prevent mould growth and more. They are also a good choice as they can be used all year round.

Below is a breakdown of the different benefits of using a dehumidifier for drying clothes and why you should invest in one.

Protect ideal humidity levels

Ideal indoor humidity levels are between 30 to 60%. Anything higher or lower can result in uncomfortable indoor air and lead to a host of problems, including respiratory conditions and pests. Ionmax dehumidifiers allow users to select their preferred humidity level and reduce the amount of excess moisture in the air that increases when drying clothes indoors.

Fast way to get laundry done

By removing the excess moisture from the air, dehumidifiers speed up the drying process and help you enjoy freshly dried clothes sooner than drying clothes without a dehumidifier.

Remove musty odours

Damp clothes tend to emit musty odours, which dehumidifiers can remove. Air purifiers are effective at preventing odours as well.

Prevent the cultivation of mould

Mould thrives in humid and damp environments with a relative humidity of 70 to 80%. When an area becomes too damp and humid, mould can grow and spread across your home. Long-term exposure to mould can bring about adverse health effects that are detrimental to one’s health. Common areas for mould growth include laundry rooms, basements, attics and bathrooms.

Added convenience

Using a dehumidifier reduces the need to hang clothes outdoors or use high-energy-consuming dryers to get your laundry done. They also come in handy all year long, allowing you to dry your clothes faster, regardless of weather conditions.

Improved indoor air quality

Dehumidifiers are designed to provide you with cleaner, healthier indoor air. Ionmax dehumidifiers are also equipped with antibacterial air filters that help filter out large dust particles before releasing the processed air back into your living space.

The best dehumidifiers for drying clothes

Ionmax has a wide selection of dehumidifiers that effectively remove moisture across large or small spaces. In fact, all Ionmax dehumidifiers come with a dedicated laundry mode to help with the drying of clothes indoors.

Below are a couple of Ionmax’s top picks for the best dehumidifiers for drying clothes at home.


The ION612 desiccant dehumidifier for laundry

Designed with a dedicated laundry mode, the ION612 dehumidifier removes up to 7 litres of moisture daily in its two-litre water tank. This desiccant dehumidifier comes is suitable for spaces of 20 to 30 square metres and also features a negative ion generator.

The ION612 is also Sensitive Choice approved as it has potential benefits to those living with asthma. It also has been recommended by CHOICE for scoring highly in the organisation’s product tests.


The ION610 desiccant dehumidifier for drying clothes

The ION610 also has a built-in laundry mode that covers rooms of 15 to 25 square metres in size, extracting up to six litres of moisture daily. The extracted moisture is collected in its 1.8-litre water tank with an option of continuous drainage.

This unit is also sleek yet powerful and can fit into every corner of your home. Its lightweight build also features a convenient carry handle so you can move it seamlessly from room to room.

Just like the ION612, this unit has also been approved by Sensitive Choice and recommended by CHOICE.


From the discussion above, we see that there are a multitude of benefits to using a dehumidifier to dry clothes indoors, such as speed, efficiency, convenience, and, of course, improved air quality.

Although we have recommended the ION612 and ION610 as ideal units to help get your laundry done indoors, do keep in mind that depending on the size of your laundry area, you will likely need a different dehumidifier to accommodate the room size.

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Feel free to browse through our extensive collection of desiccant and compressor dehumidifiers to help you make an informed decision and breathe cleaner, healthier air today!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general reference only. Please seek advice from professionals according to your needs.

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