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  • CHOICE recommended Ionmax ION612 desiccant dehumidifier
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Desiccant dehumidifier - 7L/day

Ionmax ION612

Breathe easy with Ionmax ION612 desiccant dehumidifiers. Remove 7L of moisture per day. No mould. No stuffy air. CHOICE recommended. 2 years warranty.
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Suitable for all seasons, this Ionmax ION612 dehumidifier is designed to be stable across a wide range of temperatures and reduce humidity at much lower levels. A perfect all-year-round solution for a cleaner, healthier home.
— Appliances Online Australia

Dehumidifiers that work all year long. Even during winter.

Efficiently remove 7L of moisture from indoor air each day. Dry laundry indoors. Prevent mould. No stuffy air. 


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Self-regenerating. No maintenance and replacement required.

Breathe easy all year long with Ionmax ION612

Receive your dehumidifier in 3 - 5 business days. Clear out the water tank when it is full. Vacuum the filter once in a while. No replacement needed.

Full control over humidity levels

Adjust the relative humidity and power levels for energy-saving operation or quick laundry drying.

Safe to use unattended

Auto mode with built-in humidistat. Switches off automatically when the tank is full and restarts after a power cut. 

Negative ion generator

Freshens up the air and removes dust particles by attaching to them and making them fall to the ground.

Coverage of up to 30 sqm

Move it around your home using the carry handle on the back of the dehumidifier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Karen K.
Great machine

Love my Inomax ION612. works well. The only issue I have is I feel I could get a bigger model and therefore even more efficient! But no complains works well and dries converse shoes very well even though it's been wet outside. :-)

Pauline N.
Ionmax x2

Sorry cant give review
We bought them to donate to lismore flood victims and havent heard if they have been given out as yet but we are sure they will do a great job for the people They will probably be shared around lismore and Woodburn. I did want to get one for The Koori Mail which prints the Indigenous Newspaper and gives all sorts of help and supports to people in and around the Clarence Valley as they were wrecked !!
Thankyou for a good product.

Victoria S.
Totally thrilled!

Choice definitely got their reviews right with this product. Didn’t really know too much about dehumidifiers until the ‘mould plague’ hit the east coast recently. So much research and this proved to be the perfect purchase. So far so good with this great machine.

julie M.

Made a huge difference to how our room feels. Very easy to use. I like the timer option.

Celia E.
3 faulty dehumidifiers in a row

I purchased my first ionmax 612 around 4 years. It worked perfectly, no issues. Then due to fault of my own, I had to replace it. I purchased through one of their suppliers, it turned out to be faulty. I then returned that and got a replacement, it also turned out faulty and rattled so I returned that and got a refund. I then decided to purchase directly through this store and now weeks later, yet another dehumidifier that is rattling. One moment the dehumidifier is fine, next moment it’s rattling. I have now spent my entire winter going back and forth with replacements and returns. This is very disappointing and quite simply unacceptable. It has caused me a lot of stress and I need a dehumidifier for health reasons. I now have to find a repair store, pay more money for them to fix it as I cannot go another month with returns and replacements. Aside from the rattling noises, machine works fine, however a dehumidifier shouldn’t rattle. And not 3 in a row. I keep trying to give a one star rating but it automatically shifts to 5. This is a one star rating.

Hi Celia,

We regret to hear that you're having an issue with your unit.

Our support team has sent an email to you to assist you further.

Thank you.

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Maintain optimal humidity indoors without worries. 2 years warranty. Service centre based in Australia.

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