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5-stage tabletop UV HEPA air purifier

Ionmax Selah

Ionmax Selah



Compact 5-stage air purifier with UV and HEPA filter. Slim, quiet, and portable, the Ionmax Selah is the ideal tabletop air purifier for the bedroom or office.

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5 stages of air purification

  • Ionmax pre-filter

    1️⃣ Removes large particles

    The pre-filter extends the lifespan of the filters by removing large airborne particles such as dust, hair, and pet dander.

  • Ionmax air purifier HEPA filter

    2️⃣ Captures allergens

    The antibacterial HEPA H13 filter captures 99.97% of microscopic allergens and germs as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

  • 3️⃣ Neutralises odours

    Activated carbon filter neutralises odours caused by smoke and VOCs emitted from new furniture, household disinfectants, and paint.

  • Ionmax UV-X Shield

    4️⃣ Inactivates viruses and bacteria

    The UVX-Shield inactivates viruses and bacteria trapped within the air purifier by destroying its outer protein coating through direct exposure.

  • Ionmax IonX-Shield

    5️⃣ Refreshes the air

    Lastly, the IonX-Shield releases negative ions into the surrounding air to help with the removal of airborne particles and freshen up the air. 

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  • Coverage Area

    9sqm (ANSI)
    27sqm (NRCC)

  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR)

    Up to 102m³/h

  • Noise Level

    ~ 55dBA (High)

  • Filter life

    6 months for typical uses

  • Input Voltage

    220-240V, 50/60Hz

  • Power Consumption


  • Dimensions

    H: 202mm

    D: 204mm

    W: 330mm

  • Weight


  • View and download the user manual for the Ionmax Selah

    User Manual 
  • View and download the brochure for the Ionmax Selah


The Ionmax Selah HEPA UV tabletop air purifier in action