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  • Ionmax Ray far infrared heater with 2 years warranty
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  • Ionmax Ray far infrared heater
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Far infrared heater

Ionmax Ray

Warm yourself up with Ionmax Ray far infrared heater in winter. A comfortable sensation of warmth like the sun. Does not dry up the air. 2 years warranty.
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Feel warmth like the sun, instantly

Efficiently warms your body up without drying the air, maintaining humidity levels indoors. No damage to furnishing. No allergen spreading.


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Heat is passed onto people and objects directly without heating up the surrounding air.

Get cosy during winter with Ionmax Ray

Receive your heater in 3 - 5 business days.

9 levels of heat intensity with timer

Adjust the heater settings to your liking, with a timer for up to 9 hours, and 9 levels of heat intensity.

Save electricity

Traditional heaters generally consume more electricity per hour.

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Easy lifting & adjustment

Move the heater around and adjust its position using the top handle.

Suitable for all room sizes

Don't wait for the entire room to warm up. The Ionmax Ray warms you up directly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
We love it! Want more!

We love this heater! It's perfect for cold winters. We'll probably get another one for a different room.

Lili K.

I love it

Kate F.
The perfect way to stay warm

I looked high and low for a heater that didn’t blow stuffy air and make me feel tired and everything the Ironman Ray said it was it lived up to. I’ve place it on one side of my desk and I feel so toasty while I’m working - I look forward to getting in front of it and feeling sun kissed on a chilly day - no stuffy air just pure warmth! The temperature range is great - from just taking the edge off to making you feel warm to the bone. It’s perfect for my office which is 4x4sqm.

I suggest the distributor makes the heater easier to find using google search.

Chris G.
FAR Infrared Bliss

A Great heater from a great company couldn't be happier with my purchase!

Wallace M.
High satisfaction

After having a new IonMax Ray ION801 in my sitting-room for two weeks, I was so impressed that I decided to invest in a second one for the bedroom-study. They are working superbly and consume only 40%-60% of the electricity used by the less effective convection heaters I'd used for years previously.

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Stay warm indoors during winter without worries. 2 years warranty. Service centre based in Australia.

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