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Ultrasonic UV humidifier

Ionmax ION90

Breathe easy with Ionmax ION90 ultrasonic UV humidifier. Comfortable indoor relative humidity level adjustment with cool or warm mist. 2 years warranty.
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The Ionmax ION90 ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is designed to work silently without disturbing your sleep or concentration and provide you with clean, comfortable and healthy air.
— Rebecca Smith

Maintain the right relative humidity level indoors at all times

Efficiently humidify your indoor air with cool or warm mist. Ease allergies and cold symptoms. No more dry skin and chapped lips.


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Options for ultrasonic humidification for mist at room temperature or warm mist for faster humidification.

Breathe easy all year long with Ionmax ION90

Receive your humidifier in 3 - 5 business days. Change the antibacterial demineralising filter once every 3 months.

Intelligent built-in humidistat

Automatically adjusts the humidifying process to maintain your desired humidity level.

Up to 21 hours continuous use

Large 6.5L water tank provides 21 hours of continuous cool mist humidification, or 16 hours on warm mist.

Negative ion generator

Freshens up the air and removes dust particles by attaching to them and making them fall to the ground.

Coverage of up to 30 sqm

Move it around your home according to your needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Penelope P.
Solid product if only they could sort out the light levels

It’s been pretty good so far! Not waking up with cracked lips, irritated and dry throat and nose.

Although if you need a DARK room to sleep this may not be ideal, even in the sleep mode. The UV light is on any time the machine pumps out mist(which is what it’s meant to do so that it kills things) but it does cast a decent amount of blue light. The display also is brighter than needed, even in sleep mode. I workaround it by putting a cloth and a stack of books up against it to block that.

Otherwise it’s pretty good. Cleaning has been pretty easy and the mouth for water intake has been wide enough to fit my hand in to wash the reservoir (something not all of them allow).

I’ve previously had a Dyson humidifier (which they no longer sell in Australia for some reason), and the previous version of this humidifier from the ionmax range and have found this one both cheaper and easier than the Dyson. Make of that what you will.

One star off for the led levels and no option to turn off the damn things entirely if in sleep mode. Surely if you need to check you can touch any of the buttons to bring them back online?

I did find that my purifier went nuts! The first week I used this it would think the sky was falling anytime the humidifier was on. I can only guess it was due to the new filter in the humidifier? Once the humidifier went through it’s first tank of water and was cleaned the purifier hasn’t had an issue with it.

Candice C.

My daughter suffers severely eczema this humidifier has taken the edge of the dry air caused by indoor heating. She has slept more deeply and woken up refreshed and less itchy.
The shipping and service was excellent we are very happy with the product.
You do need to change filter after 80 uses but filters are affordable so no big problem I added an extra when I purchased.

Bill D.
Product good, but sales info incorrect

One serious flaw in the marketing of these - they may not help respiratory issues in winter, but rather make them worse! I had an ongoing issue over months with a lung infection (pretty much like a 5 month cold). I thought I needed more humidity and the sales description of this product seemed to confirm it. Previously I had been using a Vick’s room steamer. It didn’t help clear it up and neither did this expensive humidifier. After seeing my GP who had the same issue with winter heating creating high humidity and family health issues (ongoing colds) he had spoken to a respiratory specialist who suggested using a DEhumidifier in winter. So yet another $300 later the Ionmax 612 dehumidifier does seem to be clearing my infection up.. The site should say humidify in summer, dehumidify in winter!

Brian D.
Ionmax Ion90

Work like a dream, easy to use and look very smart. Beautiful machine.

Perfect for Winter & baby

Finding it’s making a big difference for us during these winter months when we have the heater blasting, especially with our baby. The humidity indicator and auto controls are great!

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Maintain optimal humidity indoors without worries. 2 years warranty. Service centre based in Australia.

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