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Ultrasonic UV humidifier

Ionmax ION90

Ionmax ION90



Breathe easy with Ionmax ION90 ultrasonic UV humidifier. Comfortable indoor relative humidity level adjustment with cool or warm mist.

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  • Humidity controls

    Intelligent built-in humidistat

    Automatically adjusts the humidifying process to maintain your desired humidity level.

  • Negative Ions

    Negative ion generator

    Freshens up the air and removes dust particles by attaching to them and making them fall to the ground.

  • Coverage area

    Coverage of up to 30 sqm

    Move it around your home according to your needs.

  • Up to 21 hours continuous use

    Large 6.5L water tank provides 21 hours of continuous cool mist humidification, or 16 hours on warm mist.

  • Coverage Area

    16 - 30sqm

  • Humidifying rate

    400mL/hr (with heat)

  • Tank capacity


  • Input Voltage


  • Power Consumption

    125W (with heat)

  • Dimensions

    H: 315mm

    D: 260mm

    W: 180mm

  • Weight


  • View and download the user manual for the Ionmax ION90

    User Manual 
  • View and download the brochure for the Ionmax ION90

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    The Ionmax ION90 ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is designed to work silently without disturbing your sleep or concentration and provide you with clean, comfortable and healthy air.

    β€” Rebecca Smith

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    BEST UV HUMIDIFIER. If you’re a bit of a germaphobe, this one’s for you. The Ionmax Humidifier uses UV Bio-Photocatalyst sterilisation to neutralise bad odours and clean unhealthy air as it humidifies.

    β€” Dani Maher

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