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Tower ionic air purifier

Ionmax ION401

Ionmax ION401



Revitalise the air with negative ions from the Ionmax ION401 tower ionic air purifier. No noisy fan or blades. No filter replacement needed.

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  • Negative Ions

    Negative ion generator

    Freshens up the air and removes dust particles by attaching to them and making them fall to the ground.

  • Easy to maintain

    Easy to maintain

    No vacuum or filters needed. Just wipe the blades when the indicator lights up.

  • Coverage area

    Coverage of up to 60 sqm

    Large coverage area with just one unit.

  • Air purifier with quiet operation

    Quiet, very very quiet

    With no motors or fans, you can rest well with the air purifier running.

  • Coverage area

    Up to 60 sqm

  • Negative ions output

    ≥ 2.96 x 10⁶ ions/cc

  • Input voltage


  • Power consumption


  • Weight


  • Dimensions

    H: 700mm

    D: 200mm

    W: 150mm

  • View and download the user manual for the Ionmax ION401

    User Manual 
  • View and download the brochure for the Ionmax ION401

  • The Ionmax ION401 air purifier is super easy to maintain and there is no need to replace filters.

    — Rebecca Smith (Best Review NZ)

    The 10 Best Air Purifiers in NZ 
  • I have had this tower for seven-years now and it is still doing a great job.

    — Nay from Gippsland

    Cost Effective