Six-stage high-performance purification



Six-stage purification. Two-way ventilation.
One safe space.

Ensure only clean air with Ionmax+ Aire and Aire X high-performance air purifiers for your staff and patients.


Suit all your indoor air quality needs

No dust. No VOCs. No bacteria & viruses.

Highest CADR in the Australian market

Covering up to 260 sqm of your waiting lounges, consultation rooms, wards, cafeterias, conference halls, and recreation spaces.

Ionmax+ Aire

Room size: 77 m2 (a) - 234 m2 (b)
CADR: 900 m3/h
Dimensions: 370 x 396 x 691 mm
Weight: 14.2 kg

Ionmax+ Aire X

Room size: 85 m2 (a) - 260 m2 (b)
CADR: 1,000 m3/h
Dimensions: 370 x 400 x 796 mm
Weight: 15.0kg

Other specifications

  • SmartSens AQI sensor
  • UVX-Shield germicidal UV light
  • Ion-X Shield ioniser
  • WiFi app control
  • Timer up to 12 hours
  • Filters to be replaced every 6-12 months
  • Filter change alert
  • 2 sets of filters
  • Air flow from the top
  • 4 fan speeds

(a) ANSI/AHAM AC-1 2015
(b) NRCC-54013-2011

Ionmax+ Aire
Ionmax+ Aire X
Ionmax+ Aire control panel
Ionmax+ Aire
Ionmax+ Aire X
Ionmax+ Aire control panel

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