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Ionmax introduces its new air purifier calculator

Ionmax’s air purifier calculator allows users to find out how many air purifiers they
need for their space, taking into consideration their preferred product, space
dimensions and international guidelines for cleaner air.

Ionmax introduces its new air purifier calculator

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Ionmax recently announced the implementation of their new air purifier calculator on their product pages. This online tool automatically calculates the ideal number of air purifiers required for optimal air purification based on customers’ work environment, preferred Ionmax air purifier model, room measurements (length, width and height) and preferred frequency of air changes per hour (ACH).

ACH refers to the number of times the air in a given space is replaced with cleaner air every hour. The ACH calculator in the tool will recommend air change rates based on the United Kingdom’s NHS Health Technical Memoranda 03-01 guidelines that recommend ACH rates based on specific industries mainly healthcare, office, school and gym environments.

A user in an industry/environment that is not mentioned in the calculator can reach out to Ionmax to get professional recommendations on the right air purifier for their space by filling in the form located at the bottom of the calculator.

According to Daniel Seow, Ionmax’s Head of Retail, the Ionmax team created this tool to ease the customers’ buying journey by making educated decisions when purchasing air purifiers.

“Our goal is to enhance our customer’s experience when it comes to looking for their ideal air purifier.”

“Through this easy-to-use tool, Ionmax shoppers will be able to determine which model works best in their environment and how many are needed to ensure optimal room size coverage,” Daniel explained.

To use the online air purifier calculator, users will need to visit any Ionmax air purifier product page on and click ‘Find out how many air purifiers you need’ located in the middle of the page next to the quantity selector.

This will open a new pop-up window containing the calculator. When selecting the options, under the ‘where to use’ section, the calculator will automatically suggest the ideal ACH rate based on the selected environment. Once the preferred model has been selected, and the room dimensions have been filled in, your recommended number of air purifiers will be seen on the right of the screen.

Ionmax air purifier calculator

This tool was officially implemented in February 2023 and came in light of Ionmax’s recent four year warranty extension that covers all residential air purifiers, dehumidifiers and humidifiers. The air purifier calculator is a testament to the leading air treatment appliance manufacturers’ vision of providing excellent service on top of innovative products that are built to create a safer and healthier indoor environment for Australians from all walks of life.

Visit any air purifier product page to test out the calculator, or browse through Ionmax’s wide range of air purifiers to find your ideal unit today.